Friday, November 22, 2013

Off-Duty Beauties

  It's the question we all want an answer to: how can models wear anything (at anytime) and still look drop-dead gorgeous?  Is it because they don't care?  Or maybe they do care, and us pedestrians* are all just missing the memo.  Perhaps the simple idea that these girls are catwalk prancing, couture-surrounded creatures makes them chic 24/7. 
The answer is still a secret, but that doesn't mean you can't try cultivating your own M.O.D. wardrobe! 

*pedestrians- anyone classified as being anything other than: model or movie star*

How to be an Off-Duty Beauty:
1. Invest in a good pair of distressed leather boots.  
2. Zip-bottomed jeans are a must (Check out Daria Werbowy below.)
3. Don't iron your clothes.
4. Have a wide variety of printed-tees with things on them like "Swag" and "Homies."
5. Motorcycle jacket... vrooom vrooom.
6. Get a nice, big bag that you can toss all of your in-between shows crap in.  (a.k.a granola bars, makeup removing towelettes, rubber bands,etc.)
7. Don't plan on looking M.O.D.  What makes models so fabulous is that they don't really care at all.


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  1. such a lovely post!