Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gifts for the Girls

It's that time of the season again, where shopping becomes a chore rather than a hobby.  Finding the perfect gift for friends is either a hit or miss, so I've formulated a gift guide for five personality types: the book nerd, the workaholic, the tomboy, the health nut, and the ultimate girl.  With a variety of prices and choices, you're sure to find something special for each of your unique friends.   
Thanks again for reading!  Happy Thanksgiving!    

 The Book Nerd will love these quirky clutches, as well as stationary and pens for written sentiments.  A cute backpack is great for toting textbooks and papers, and earmuffs will keep your pal warm while running from library to library.

For the workaholic, opt for presents leaning towards leisure and relaxation.  Wine glasses, pajamas, and sleep supplies are ideal for someone needing a little TLC.  To feed her busy side, buy tech gloves to use during cold days on the go, and a planner to organize.  

The tomboy will adore a jersey dress and a slouchy backpack.  And of course, being an independent female, the "Ain't no wifey" beanie is a must.  A sleek ear cuff might be the only piece of jewelry this gal will wear, but that doesn't mean she isn't bold enough for a smudge of dark lipstick!

 When your friend is a health nut, gifting is pretty simple.  Earphones for jogs, a fanny pack for hikes, tennis shoes for everything.... nothing complicated in that, right?  All you need to do is raid your closest LuluLemon.  People can be fairly particular with the fit of workout gear, so make sure to include the tag/receipt when wrapping.

We all have an ultra girly girlfriend who can't live a day without a little Chanel.  For this chic chick go for dainty textures and bold accessories that highlight her signature glam.  If you hit the cosmetic department, purchase a few lipsticks in vibrant colors.  Looking to save a bit of money?  Vintage buys are just as unique as the latest collections, and often for a fraction of the price.  Try LXR & Co. for trustworthy finds.


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