Sunday, January 19, 2014

Too Many Choices

Let's just say (with no speculation whatsoever) that someone approached you on the street [in the middle of your morning run] and gave you the magical opportunity to sit front row at one fashion show for the upcoming season.  You shout with joy, realizing how fortunate and lucky you are, but then are faced with an excitement-stopping question: which one will you choose?
You could select one of the classic options, Chanel or Louis Vuitton, for the hope of a production worthy of Broadway.  Or maybe Alexander McQueen to view clothing at its finest.  Isabel Marant's runway would be brimming with cool French girls, whereas Cara Delevingne in all her Brit-glory would be the showcase of Burberry.  Rick Owens would surely portray nothing less than an F-U in the direction of fashion's snobbiest noses, and Stella McCartney's too-chic-for-school attitude could be very fulfilling.  
Will you select a runway veteran or a fresh face?  A brand dedicated to clothes or to performance?  Something over the top or entirely minimalistic?  I guess you'll never know until the first model hits the runway in her _____________ (fill in the blank for type of shoes.) 

Image via Vogue 

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  1. love the photo you picked! :*